Client Testimonial!

Well where do I begin I've been setting lines for many years and I've always had the best luck with Topcats I've fished many ways weather its bank poles limb lines or trout lines I've always had the best luck with Topcats there's just something about pulling around the bend or the river and seeing the TOPCAT hitting the water. Anyone who sees these always are intrigued with them I've turn lots of people on to them. I mean the freezer full of fish filets speak for themselves I give 5 out of 5 stars to TOPCAT fishing TACKLE for putting out such an amazing product and let's not forget that they are made it our great country USA. I will always have at least 8 in my boat anytime I have the urge to go fishing. Thanks again TOPCAT FISHING TACKLE.

Jameo S. Parker, Kansas

Client Testimonial!

I’ve been using TopCats going on 3 years now...this thought of fishing live bait on the surface of the water is genius and I was amazed of how it worked...we put 320lbs of catfish in the boat in 2 and a half days in a tournament this past year. To me these are most effective if your looking to fill the freezer with catfish. I own about 30 TopCats now and one weekend of running them and I’ll have fresh fish for my family and my extended family for a loonng time...usually the catches are between 2 and 8 pounds on the lakes we fish (perfect eating size) but have caught fish in the mid 20 pounds...I have seen people catching 60 lb fish on these...they are built super durable with awesome leaders and hooks...TopCat Steve does not cut any corners on the build and the set up is fairly easy and the take down is extremely easy...great fun and excitement for a family outing as well...I’ll forever be a user of these products and if the price is concerning you then I grantee you it’s worth every penny you “won’t” spend at the grocery store buying cage raised fish...join the TopCat family and buy some today! For video proof go to the TopCat channel on YouTube!!!

Stormy from Killeen Texas

Client Testimonial!

I have sold Steve some of the steel parts for his Topcats for years and have heard many Topcat stories. This year my friend Jimmy and I decided to go on a Topcat trip. Sunday morning June 8th we had 14 fish on 24 lines totaling 130 pounds including flatheads of 22, 31, and 36 (36 pounder was released). We had such a great time we bought 12 Topcats and now are looking for a boat. It is crazy to see those big catfish being caught on the water’s surface. We had a great time and recommend the tackle and the guide trip both! 

Brent Mowen Topcat owner since June 16, 2014

Steve, I had a really good time catfishing with you memorial weekend. I have been on several so called guided catfishing trips without much success. When I saw your ad in the Outdoor Guide Magazine I had to give it one more try. I am so glad I did, it was an awesome catfishing adventure, my best ever. Your Topcat tackle works like nothing I have ever seen. I can't wait to use the ones I bought after our trip. Best wishes 

Doran Baker Wentzville Mo.

My dad and I had a blast fishing with you this past weekend May 16th &17th 2014. We do not get to spend much time together outdoors anymore and this will surely be something to remember. After we left the landing Saturday morning, my dad told me at first he was not to confident on how the Topcats would work, but after seeing ten fish on 24 topwater lines including flats of 12, 28, and 54 pounds, he was sold.

Ricky Sadler Olathe Ks Topcat owner since January 2013

Client Testimonial!

Steve was a great guide and a blast to fish with. My Dad and I are experienced fishermen and have caught big cats. We are constantly trying to become better fishermen and I can definitely say after fishing with Steve we have became much better. We have taken guide trips before and Steve is less expensive than others and we caught more and larger fish. Whether you are a beginning fisherman or experienced, I think you will learn a lot from Steve. He will teach you how to use Topcats and where to target catfish. I have been setting limb lines for a long time but will never go back to the original way after using Topcats. They are so much more convenient and fun to use. This guy should have his own T.V. show on the outdoor channel. I've never seen a more unique rig and they are priced right. I have now purchased 13 Topcats and plan to get more in the future. I feel I now have more knowledge to catch more fish. Steve was nothing less than fantastic. We caught 17 fish including a 4 pound bass, 2 flatheads that weighed 20 and 11 pounds, and 14 channels weighing from 1 - 10 pounds. Total weight 91 pounds. Thanks again, Steve. 

Brian and Gary Britt from Burlingame, KS.

My husband and two boys, ages 13 and 8, went on a Topcat guided catfishing trip; they had a wonderful time. Steve was very entertaining, lots of fun, and he taught them what they needed to do to catch catfish. Steve let them have hands on experience, not just watching. It has been almost a week since the trip and they are still talking about the fun they had. The trip was my son's birthday present and was the best thing we have ever spent birthday money on. We want to do it again for our oldest son's birthday. We also bought six Topcats and six Cheaters. They make catching catfish fun and easy. 

Tony and Crystel Davis, Gardner, KS.

Client Testimonial!

Spring of 2012 my friend and I bought 10 Topcats each. The first time we used them we set out 12 and caught 10 nice size catfish. Another time I put out 5 and had 3 fish before I got back to the boat Ramp. Topcats are high quality easy to use and are LETHAL on catfish. 

Jim Lovewell Collins, Mo

Steve just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Topcat equipment I purchased. Spring of 2011 I bought one Topcat and caught fish on it every time I used it. Spring of 2012 I bought several more. Personal best on 20 Topcats in 38 hours caught 41 catfish, totaling 278 pounds. I have caught several flathead in the 50 lb range on my Topcats and I love them. The only problem with my Topcats is my buddies always want to borrow them. Continued success and best wishes. 

Bill Baygents from Everton, MO

Client Testimonial!

I have gone Topcatting with Steve several times, and every time with great results! The fishing is easy and fun and the kids have a blast! Go set your Topcats out in the evening and you're pulling fish in at daylight. The Flathead can't resist the splashing of the wounded baitfish on the surface. I have been fishing my whole life and have never had results like we do with our Topcats. Steve has definitely set a new standard in the catfishing world. Very Highly Recommended by This Outdoors Man. Thanks again for the fun times on the water Steve! We look forward to going Topcatting again soon! Guide client and owner of 16 Topcats since May of 2010. Largest Topcat fish so far 39 pd flathead from Hillsdale Reservoir. 

Troy Acton - Shawnee, Kansas

We met Steve at the KC boat show in 2012. He explained the Topcat process to us and said he can go to any lake you chose and catch catfish. We then booked our Topcat trip. A few months later when the phone rang to set up the trip we could not wait to see the Topcat in action. Steve did not disappoint. We caught big fish, and some good eaters, and learned a lot about the biology of these fish. We had such a good time Steve stayed the next night and we did it all again. We already have another trip planned with Steve this spring. We own 12 Topcats and 4 Cheaters and look to buy more soon. This technique has been nicknamed by my wife to be "STUMPFISHING". My fishing buddy Shon and I love to go out and set these up, and then head back the next morning to see the rods "dancin". One of the things we like about the Topcat system is how easy they are to use. We fish a lot and it is nice to find a guy like Steve who not only knows his stuff, but is not afraid to share "SOME" of the secrets. Steve is a super nice guy and we look forward to many years of TOPCAT FISHING with him. Largest Topcat fish so far, 44 pound flathead from Clinton Reservoir.  

Dan Miller (Tecumseh, Ks)

Client Testimonial!

We had an opportunity to fish with Steve Green in May of 2012. Steve is a great guy and we had a 'blast!' The Topcat fishing system is easy to use and puts you on the big ones. We purchased 12 topcats and 4 cheaters. We used them for the rest of the summer with great success. If you are serious about catching the big flatheads you need to try these rigs. You won't be disappointed. We can't wait until the weather warms up and we can get back on the water. Largest topcat fished so far 45 pound flathead from El Dorado Resivoir. 

Darrell Conrade

Steve thanks for the great time we had fishing with the Topcats this past summer. We caught cats every time we went even when folks using trot lines 50 feet from our Topcats, also using brim for bait caught nothing. 

Kevin Wilkinson, Bossior City, Louisiana.

"As a fishing guide I'm always looking for those products that can get me an advantage, and help put more fish in the boat. The Topcats and Cheaters are those products for me. Great craftsmanship, design, and quality!

Casey Rush, Dark River Outfitters, Troy, Kansas

Client Testimonial!

I saw Topcats for the first time in 2011. It looked like a quality product I had to try. I started with a combination of 12 Topcats and Cheaters. I quickly found out I wanted more. I now have 33. We have Topcatted in 5 different lakes from muddy to crystal clear waters, and have boated fish every time. We have caught hundreds of pounds of catfish right on the surface with our Topcat Fishingtackle products, including 3 over 30 in 2012. I have been catfishing my whole life, but never with results like this. The only way they won't work is if you don't take them to the lake. We love our Topcats and Cheaters 

Dan Reker, Pleasanton, Kansas.

Thank you for this amazing device! My son and I have enjoyed several outings with the Topcats. Not only has it been a wonderful time of bonding, but we have also caught the largest fish we've ever caught! I highly recommend the Topcats! Largest Topcat fish so far flathead in the high 30s. 

Barry Jackson, customer since June 2010 Edgerton, Kansas

I fish rivers, cheaters are perfect for what I do, quickly and easy, catch fish like crazy, top quality. Largest Topcat fish so far 36 pound flathead. 

Vernon Richert, customer since June 2011 - Newton, Kansas

I'll "never" fish another trotline ever, only my Topcats and Cheaters tons easier, tons more fish, tons of fun. Biggest Topcat fish so far - mid 40s flathead. 

John Clark Sr., customer since August of 2010 - Olathe, Kansas

Client Testimonial!

There is nothing like the Topcat, you're splashing bait is actively calling fish. TOP QUALITY. We have had 4 fish on 4 Topcats, 100% catch rate. Biggest Topcat fish so far, 70 pound bluecat from the Missouri River. 

Marty Ballenger, customer since October 2009 - Mt. Leonard, Missouri

Dollar for dollar the most productive and fun fishing gear I have ever purchased. My son and I love our Topcats and cheeters. Biggest Topcat fish so far 35 pound flathead from Clinton Lake in Kansas. 

Mike Kane, customer since August 2011 - Kansas City, Kansas

Client Testimonial!

We caught the biggest flathead we've ever caught on a Cheater from Topcat Fishingtackle in the Missouri River, 10-08-11, 65 pounds. See photo below. 

Jerry Mansfield, customer since January 2011 - Norborne, Missouri

My name is Rodney Farrell, I am a Marine, husband and father. My dad and grandpa taught me how to fish for catfish and flatheads here in Missouri using the traditional limb lines and trot lines. Both of them have passed on and I found it difficult to continue fishing for catfish using these methods by myself until I came across the TOPCAT website and found the products offered there. I have only used the Cheaters but they work extremely well, I also had issues getting bait now that I fish by myself so I started using soap on the Cheaters and was quite successful. I like this product and have recommended it to my friends that catfish. My fishing friends were skeptical that you can catch catfish at the top of the water but that is how I was taught to rig a limb line as well, not to deep and let your bait make some noise if you are using live bait or if you are in gar and turtle infested waters then let your soap leave that scent on top of the water. Great product, easy to set out and not much time needed to do so. Thanks Steve

Rodney Farrell


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